Friendship is a gift from God. Without a doubt. It’s one of the finer things that make our stay here on planet Earth a bit more pleasant. But not all of our times amount the same.

We’re put here on this Earth for a purpose. A purpose we question quite often, but will never really know the answer to. Fortunately, some people finish their purpose early on in their lives and are taken home. For please recall, Earth is not home. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we bare the lost of a loved one and we continue on trying to fulfill our own purpose.

I realize tonight of how blessed I am to still have my friends next to me and how all of us are blindly striving to fulfill the purpose we were given. Not everyone gets to say the same. I know that even if I don’t get a call back or a text back or an email back, I can still visit my friend. I know I’ll be able to see them once more. Others, have nothing more than a memory to hold onto for a glimpse of their friend.

Everyday, I am forever grateful, thankful, and blessed, with the amount of days I am continuously given with my friends. For I know that their calling could be soon. I also realize, that when it is their time to go home that my friends will be in a much better environment. An environment that will make them happy. And we all know how it goes, friends aim to see friends happy.


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