Open to the World

ImageLimiting yourself to a certain class, group, or anything in life really, can prevent you from exploring what all this life has to offer. Getting caught up in busy schedules and many more time consuming activities may blind you of the world you’re living in…and it’s pretty grand. It’s best if you stop, open up, intake the wonders around, and listen to what goes unheard by the commotion of life….which is exactly what Inhad the opportunity to do today.

While at work I met three very interesting people. All three had a story worth listening to and an inspiring life. 

The first man I was able to meet was a man who claims to have signed the first contract with the military to start what we call today, the internet. What an invest, right? Though I wasn’t able to stand around and conversate with him for long, I was able to hear more about him from my boss, who had the opportunity to sit down and listen to his story unlike I. But what an achievement to be able to share something so universal. 

The second man I met today was a multitude of things. From a CIA undercover agent, to being part of a cave rescue team, to taken professional photos for college sports, to traveling the world. As I stood and listened to his stories, I was fascinated by the many stories he had to share about each career. The man was so passionate about it and such a gentle spirit flowed through his voice.

The third man, was my boss. Kostas Daskalakis. For as long as I have been working for him, I didnt recognize the advantage he was taking of his life. Though he owns multiple restaurants, that’s just one journey he walked through. Kostas has also traveled worldwide by driving trains to and fro, he owns his own real estate company, he’s owns his own construction company after working in the industry, he plans on being a stock broker, a chemist is he, and he continues to go to school for his masters in other topics. 

All these men have opened up and have taken advantage of what Earth can offer to them. Inspirational stories lie within each soul. I learned today, that there’s so much this world is willing to hand you, but you must go out and take it. Don’t limit yourself. And love the life you live friends. God bless.


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