There are times when I find it necessary to pray for myself at times in my life. This honestly should be a daily thing, but unfortunately is not. I usually pray for others rather then myself, but have come to realize that though this is not a mistake…praying for yourself is of equal importance
Daily I fall short from the glory of God. Daily I make mistakes that I regret. Daily daily daily. I am blessed to have a God who forgives me DAILY. And though I know I am forgiven daily, I continue to make the same mistakes. (My friends, just because you know you will be forgiven is not a reason to continue your wrong doings.)

I often feel like a disappointment. Like my faith has been broken. But the power of prayer is so powerful. It’s truly amazing. After praying, there’s always a peaceful feeling. A feeling of forgiveness.

As I’m praying for others, I’m not mentioning my own failures… when the first person I should be concern about, is myself. Me. I who influence others.

Not exactly sure where I’m getting at with this. I guess it’s a self realization and revaluation.

If I have to make a point, I guess it’s to remember to pray for yourself my friends. You’re important too.

God bless.


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