As much as we’d like to believe we’re always right, we’re not. As much as we like to think we have control of our own lives, we don’t. You see, God has set this  world before us and has given us a free will. Think of it as your parents letting you go into the world, expecting and hoping you make the right decisions. That’s how God is. He gives you the freedom to choose what you want to do. The great thing is, he has already made a game plan on what you are going to do when your decision isn’t looking too bright. You may think, “why can’t I make a mistake and just learn from it?” But if you were to make the mistake of walking into the middle of the road without looking and a truck was headed straight for you, would you not want someone to pull your arm back and steer you in a different direction? God wants the best for you. You may think your timing is the right timing. Let’s say for example you have to be at work at three. You get there at 3:05. You’re five minutes late. ON YOUR TIME. But not on God’s timing. We all know this. By now you’re thinking get to the point.

Today I went to go get a manicure. What used to be a barber shop next to the nail salon, is no longer there. It had happened one hour before I arrived…a car had drove into the barber shop. The man behind the wheel was thought to have a heart attack by the paramedics. Here’s where timing comes into play.

The owner had left fifteen minutes before the incident to head on over to IHOP.
The woman doing my nails, showed up to work three minutes early. Had she had shown up “on time” she would’ve been in danger of not walking into work, but running into work in hopes of dodging a car.
Had it not have been for my mother asking me to go to the bank and post office before going to the salon, I would have been in the same danger.

You see, if humans were to follow their own plans, we would fail miserably. Our timing would be miscalculated and our lives could be taken from such a small error. But blessed are we to have a God who guides us in what direction we should go. A God who watches our every step, already knowing it before we take it. Realize that you are where you are for a reason. You’re never late or early, you’re right on God’s timing. Which is perfect timing. God bless and stay safe.


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