Another Girly Post

Never have I been the one to desire another, but tonight I find myself doing so. Most girls have this desire what seems like every night to me, but me…just tonight.

Now there’s not any particular person I have in mind, but a particular action.

Tonight I find myself sick. I’ve only been sick once and that was in fifth grade with a very high fever. Tonight, it’s just my throat. Thankfully.

What I want is for someone to tell me to get ready anyways, because we’re going to church. I want someone who believes that going to God rather than staying in bed will lead me to a speedy recovery. Someone who will encourage me to pray about it, because that’s the only thing guaranteed to work. Someone who will buy me soup afterwards. Then someone who will bring me back home and lay in bed with me, playing with my wet showered hair in one hand and reading the bible to me in the other until sleep falls upon me.

I realize this is all very girly. Needy. Somewhat annoying. Like every other teenage girl. I got that. And never have I categorized me to be the one to express these feeling on a public site. But I figure, I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. So I shall share.

I shall try and limit my personal feeling stories from here forth, so until then, goodbye and peace.


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